We Will Work To Protect Your Home

Your home may be included in your bankruptcy estate. All property in your estate can be liquidated bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case.

The Dependent Factors

There are several reasons why you may be able to keep your home or why it may be vulnerable. These include:

  • Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13
  • How much equity you have in your home
  • If you qualify for exemption protection or not

A home is more than the materials that it is made of: it is a place of memories and security. Keeping your home is understandably a big concern. Discussing your concerns and financial situation with an experienced Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney can help clarify your options and protect your rights.

Four Important Steps To Take

There are steps you can take to work toward saving your home. While each case is different, in general if you are facing foreclosure and want to save your home:

  1. Understand your rights.
  2. Know your options: Can you afford to keep your home?
    • If yes, pursue a loan modification.
    • Do this before you file for bankruptcy.
    • Then get any liens removed.
  3. File for Chapter 13. Often this is the most effective way to keep your home.
  4. Know that federal law prohibits the filing of a foreclosure action until the homeowner is at least 120 days delinquent on the mortgage.

The attorneys at Summit Law Office, LLC, have helped hundreds of people protect themselves, their homes and their families from creditors. We can help you get free of debt, work to repay your debt and in many cases prevent home foreclosure.

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