Filing Will Stop The Calls And Letters

Perhaps the best and most immediate benefit of filing for bankruptcy is the automatic stay. The automatic stay basically prevents any and all creditors from further contact with you: no calls, no letters, no visits. Once creditors and bill collectors get this notice they cannot legally contact you.

What Does An Automatic Stay Do?

Your attorney will put an automatic stay into action once your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed. Generally speaking an automatic stay will stop:

  • Home foreclosure
  • Wage garnishment
  • Rental eviction
  • Utility shut-off
  • IRS liens against your property

What Doesn't An Automatic Stay Do?

An automatic stay is a very fast way to stop creditors and give you time to reorganize. But it does not magically wipe away all of your debts and responsibilities. An automatic stay will not stop:

  • Your child support payments
  • Taxes owed
  • Some loan repayments

Is Jail Time A Possibility?

This is a huge myth about bankruptcy. While nonpayment of child support or your taxes can cause you to end up in jail, you can never be put in jail for your debt.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

Some people mistakenly perceive filing for bankruptcy as failure. However, this is not true. Filing for bankruptcy means you have assessed your financial situation and made the decision to start over. Bankruptcy is a doorway of hope. The attorneys at Summit Law Office, LLC, can guide you to a brighter future.

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